Cerámica el Poyetón is a handmade pottery of a long family tradition that goes back five generations of potters, founded by Eugenio Gómez Marques.

Nowadays el Poyetón is run by José Gómez Yebenez, Eugenio Gómez and Miguel Gómez.

We try to combine cultural and handmade tradition inherited from their ancestors with the most modern innovation and technology in keeping with the times in which the activity is developed.

Thus, from the direction of the company we produce as accurately as possible our own designs and decorations always according to new trends.

Cerámica el Poyetón is always experimenting with new materials such as: different kinds of clays, colours, glazes... to provide the highest quality in our products.



Alfarería y cerámica artesanal de gran tradición familiar dirigida por José Gómez Yebenez, Eugenio Gómez y Miguel Gómez.



Observe las múltiples opciones que le ofrecemos en decoración, jardinería y menaje de cocina.



Estamos en: C/ Los prietos, 43
14540, La Rambla (Córdoba)

Tlf: 957 68 22 03 / Fax: 957 68 31 35
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